Battling Insecurities

Insecurity In Relationships

The lack of confidence or anxiety about a certain matter which pertains to you can have a negative influence on your relationships. When an insecurity builds up due to lack of resolution, it can spill unto others, turning a fine smooth sailing relationship into an immediate sour and nasty one.

No matter who you are closest to, whether friends or family, do not spill your insecurities onto them. Most of the time, whenever you address your insecurities with someone close to you, the conversation ends up going south in some shape or form; salvaging is possible but not pretty. It’s always best to reveal your insecurities with a therapist.

A therapist is trained to provide you with techniques and suggestions on how to improve your character and lifestyle. Depending on the school of therapy, you can be taught on how to change your cognition and behavior or how to analyze your way of being. Either form of therapy proves excellent in the long run.

A therapist is not affected by your insecurities because they hold a professional role towards you. But friends, family or coworkers are not there to treat you. So whenever you complain or talk about negativity, it slowly starts to affect them adversely. Everyone is dealing with their own problems, so why add yours to theirs?

Every person can benefit from therapy; even if you’re living on cloud nine and making a 5 million dollar yearly salary. Money, fame or success are irrelevant when it comes to emotional wellbeing and a healthy state of mind. Even rich people commit suicide because they are unhappy!

Even wealthy people hold onto insecurities that eat away at them on a daily basis. That’s why most of them turn to drugs and alcohol; an outlet which numbs the pain away and alters their perception on reality. But substances treat the surface; the infection still boils on the inside.

So do yourself and others a favor and treat your insecurities in the therapist’s office. Don’t bring the baggage out in the open. Save your best version of yourself for others to see and enjoy!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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