Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Exploring Your Surroundings

The daily hurdles of life can entangle us in a thick bubble, making it more difficult to break free. This bubble is our daily surroundings: work, home, the local neighborhood . . . repeat. And the more we live in this bubble, the faster time appears to fly by us, leaving us wondering, “where’d my life go?”

No matter how stressful your life may be, you have to learn to step out of your comfort zone and explore your surroundings. Perhaps take a trip to another city when you get some time off from work: explore other cultures and ways of life. Do not surrender to the idea of a staycation because it’s easier and more convenient.

The more you explore new areas outside of your comfort zone, the more diverse and knowledgeable you will become. It will also help you reset your mindset and return back to work refreshed; it feels good to alter your state of consciousness by experiencing new places and things.

But if you continuously stay in the bubble which you are used to staying in, life will start to become repetitively dull. You will no longer feel stimulated by the constant environment which is providing you with little to no change. As humans, we need change from time to time to feel alive.

But some people are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. For instance, many locals of a given area refuse to ever leave their neighborhood which they grew up in. The more you stay in one location, the more anxious you start to feel regarding the idea of leaving. The anxiety revolves around the thought of starting life from scratch in a new but unknown location.

In reality, for most people, the anxiety only lasts a few weeks at most after moving to a new location. The human mind adapts very quickly to new places and things; it’s called survival. It’s in our genes to adapt and survive; otherwise, humans wouldn’t be the most intelligent creatures roaming the earth.

Therefore, put fear aside and step out into the world! Go see new places and things and meet new people who look different from you and hold different beliefs. This is how you will grow and gain more experience in life. This is how you will expand your consciousness and feel more alive.

This is how you will see what lies beyond your bubble.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


2 Replies to “Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone”

  1. That’s very true..unless and until we push our limits we won’t be able to stretch our brain.. And brain is also like a muscle…learning new things is the best exercise for the brain

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