Mastering Time: The Ruler Of Your Reality

Effective Time Management Strategies

You start to have a good feel of your control over time when you can predict what time it is without looking at a watch. At this point, your internal clock and universal time are in sync. It feels good to develop this capability because it helps you to rely less on time; your brain now does the work for you.

But to reach this level of capability, you must implement effective time management strategies. It starts with discipline: the majority of your activities must be based on time intervals. For instance, here is an example of someone’s daily routine that incorporates effective time management:

  • Wake up at 6:00 am
  • Finish eating breakfast by 6:20 am
  • Write a blog post by 7:00 am
  • Be at work by 8:15 am
  • Leave work at 4:20 pm
  • Study from 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Hit the gym from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Be in bed at 10:00 pm
  • Repeat

If you consistently build a daily schedule that revolves precisely around the exact minute, you will become much more organized and on top of your game! But keep in mind that all of this is meant to be fun and to help you out; it should not be a chore to apply effective time management strategies.

If you find yourself having difficulty keeping track of time, then try utilizing a digital timer which will ring after X amount of minutes. This method will help train your brain’s internal clock to become more in sync with universal time. Eventually, the goal is to rely less on the digital timer until you can do it on your own.

Part of the discipline of mastering time is avoiding procrastination; the killer of time itself. Putting off something intentionally or habitually messes up your entire rhythm; your internal clock goes to waste because it no longer adapts to universal time. To effectively master time, the minimum that is required is to avoid procrastination altogether.

Most importantly, but which cannot be reiterated enough: have fun with it! Don’t be hard on yourself. You will actually start to realize that life does become more enjoyable as you improve your discipline and work ethic, and effectively master time. You end up becoming a more efficient human being!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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