Picking Your Battles Wisely

Don’t Corner Yourself

Many times you will find yourself wanting to make an argument regarding a certain issue to someone or a group of people. Sometimes an argument may be fueled by fatigue, emotions, a bad experience or simply the desire to express yourself. Whatever the reason, make sure your argument is sound and that you place yourself in a position with a good chance of coming out alive.

What is meant by “coming out alive” is that you avoid cornering yourself during an argument secondary to multiple people disagreeing with your stance. This is important because if you become cornered, you start to wish that you never had brought up the argument in the first place; this makes you feel defeated and disappointed.

But you learn from experience. There will be times in life where you will become cornered, especially by a group of people, and you will feel upset and annoyed in return. When this happens, do not escalate the situation! Maintain your composure, agree with the other argument if it’s appropriate and logical to agree with and move on.

From experience, you will learn how to wisely pick your battles in life. You will be able to withhold yourself in certain situations based on intuition and past experience. Sometimes you will have a burning desire to express your argument, but you will be able to hold yourself back based on prior results.

And keep in mind that fatigue can impair your decision-making; you may bring up arguments which never stood a chance of winning from the start. This is why you must always be rested by getting a good night’s sleep; your mental and professional performance depend on it!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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