Bloody Tired

When Fatigue Alters Your State Of Mind

The danger with becoming very fatigued is that your decision-making becomes impaired. You feel your temporal blood vessels pulsating on the side of your head and your blood boiling throughout your arteries and veins; anger starts to build up. You either want to sleep or yell at someone; many times, you can’t do either.

Work is a great factor in contributing to fatigue, burnout and depression; especially working long hours in a challenging environment. Working under stress and fatigue impairs your decision-making and professionalism: you start to become frustrated at every little thing and your attitude towards your employees changes for the worse.

Everything begins to annoy you: the red light seems to take much longer to switch to green; your boss on the phone sounds more annoying than on other days; your incoming call is disturbing you and you happily ignore it; you press harder on the gas pedal to drive faster and arrive at home quicker, etc.

When leaving work impaired from fatigue, driving becomes dangerous: you may switch lanes without being fully alert and drive faster than you usually do. Many cases have been reported of people leaving work so fatigued and impaired, only to find themselves in a car accident and dead.

Your relationships can suffer while experiencing fatigue: you become less patient with others; you become easily irritable; conversations start to annoy you; you raise your voice and shout at others, etc. You may even lose people in your life for being vulgar and using inappropriate language.

It is important to avoid the tipping point from fatigue into self-destruction; think of a volcano eruption unleashing lava and creating a path of destruction. Once your fatigue gets out of control and you’ve created a path of destruction, it may become difficult to recover from the damage.

Always make sure to keep your stress level down, develop a proper sleep hygiene and perform in extracurricular activities which help keep your life balanced and stress-free.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


2 Replies to “Bloody Tired”

  1. What do I do if fatigue is related to medication? I’ve noticed that I am irritable and impatient. I never thought it was related to being tired. Once the doctor upped my medication it got better but I am just angry some days. It makes me more non social than normal. I am unable to get everything done that I am responsible for and that makes everything worse. I sometimes feel like my life is chaotic bc I don’t get everything done like I am supposed to. Will regular cardio help with fatigue? I have a hard time making myself go to the gym because I am so tired.

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    1. You have to push yourself to go exercise. The more you resist, the lower your chances of developing a consistent exercise routine. We all feel fatigue, but that shouldn’t stop us from going to the gym. Like Nike says, “just do it.”

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