Being Happy For Others

It’s Not All About You

Being happy rocks! There’s no better feeling than having everything go your way and riding the wave of happiness; cloud nine becomes an understatement. But just being happy about yourself takes away the excitement from your relationships. Relationships strive when both parties can share each other’s happiness.

Being genuinely happy for others will improve your relationships: it shows people that you are not selfish, are empathic and able to share someone else’s happiness. It feels great to feel happy for someone else, even if it’s for a person who you are not close to; empathy has no boundaries.

When you redirect more attention towards others and less towards yourself, you are training your mind to be more caring; you are working towards altruism. In the process, you become more empathic, a better listener and more willing to help others out. You actually start to appreciate yourself more.

But when you don’t share the happiness of others, you are emotionally isolating yourself in your selfishness. At first you are distracted by your cloud nine experiences; you’re on top of the world and nothing can come between you and your bliss. But over time, your selfish joy gets old and you find yourself desensitized to your own happiness.

People can tell when you care about them; it’s a natural feeling that is easily detectable. But someone who does not radiate empathy often comes off as narcissistic or emotionally detached; it’s all about them and little about you. Don’t be that person! Life is so much more pleasurable when you are able to feel someone else’s happiness and enjoy it with them.

Remind yourself that life is not all about you! Inflating your ego to the point of forming an impenetrable barrier will only distance people from your presence. Your goal is to find a happy medium where you are happy for yourself but just as happy for those around you. Life is meant for us to be happy together!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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