Living In The Moment

Disconnecting From Social Media

So much emphasis is placed on social media that many people are no longer living in the moment; they are living in a digital fantasy. They care about likes, comments, views and engagements rather than in-person interactions. This is because social media brings them a high: it makes them feel good by boosting their ego.

People are willing to sacrifice genuine in-person interactions for more social media engagement. We have become so disconnected from each other as a society. How many times do you step out in public and see someone glued to their phone? We’re all guilty of it.

But just because everyone is doing it does not mean that you should too. Instead, take a risk by slowly disconnecting yourself from social media. Instead of checking your social media accounts 7 days a week, lower it to 5 days a week and so on. The idea is to train your mind to not care as much about social media.

As you decrease your time spent on social media, increase your time spent making meaningful interactions. If you see someone interesting in the supermarket and there’s an opportunity for chatting, take it! Anywhere you feel that you can talk to someone, use it as an opportunity to engage.

You will find that life will become much more enjoyable and fruitful if you live in the moment and communicate in real life situations, rather than on social media. Social media makes us robotic; we are like mice in a laboratory experiment. It’s almost sickening. You have to tap out of this way of life and reengage with nature and humanity.

And it becomes much more difficult to tap out of social media after using the platforms for a while. This is because your mind becomes used to receiving likes and views and you don’t want to easily let go of that. Many people also claim that they use Facebook to keep in touch with friends; after accumulating so many friends, what would be the incentive to suddenly press the delete button?

The moment that you start spending less time on social media will be the moment that you will start to feel free again.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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