Stop Seeking Pleasure

Too Much Pleasure Is Pain

Whether it’s money, sex or fame, many people are motivated to seek pleasure. They believe that their life will all of a sudden be much better if they obtain the pleasure of their dreams. But pleasure does not bring consistent and long-term happiness. On the contrary, it brings pain quite often enough.

Pleasure is painful because it’s addicting. Once you reach a new level of pleasure, you need more to feel the same excitement. This is the same concept behind addiction: you need more of a drug to feel just as high. In other words, you can develop tolerance to pleasure.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t experience pleasure at all. But there is a difference from seeking it and allowing it to naturally happen. Seeking it is when you go out of your way to find pleasure; you are basically trying way too hard. Allowing pleasure to naturally happen is the much better way to go.

Allowing pleasure to naturally happen means that you are living as your true self without killing yourself to accomplish something. In other words, you are living life without trying too hard; you are enjoying what you have in the moment. And if more opportunities present themselves, you capitalize on them.

The old saying “just let it happen” speaks volumes in terms of pleasure. Once you start seeking pleasure, you often end up running into many obstacles and barriers, bringing you more frustration than you expected. But when you don’t seek pleasure, your perception of obstacles and barriers isn’t that powerful; you just deal with it.

In other words, when you emphasize the concept of pleasure in your life, you end up going through much more pain than you should have to. You would think that by seeking pleasure, you would receive it easier; but that mentality actually backfires, for reasons unknown.

So rather than seeking pleasure, just enjoy it when it does present into your life. And remember one important point: pleasure doesn’t always bring happiness. But happiness can always be found within your heart.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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