Analyzing Your Life

Switching The Light On

From the moment of your birth to present day, your mind has been working nonstop at accumulating bits and pieces of information about your life and your surroundings. You at least get to rest and sleep at night; your mind is working. It does not rest from analysis. But are you invested in analyzing your life?

Just because your unconscious mind is working in the background does not mean that you are invested in analyzing your life. You have to consciously want to learn more about yourself. It’s a fun process that anyone can tap into with a little conscious effort and drive.

So why should you even analyze your life? Analysis helps you learn more about your behavior, thought process and relationships. It dissolves rigidity and helps sprout new ways of viewing yourself in the environment; ways which you wouldn’t have had the strength to apply prior to analysis.

Life can become very repetitive; I am sure we have all experienced it. And if something is not done about it, we become vulnerable to depression. Who wants to live a repetitive life with little to no change? You essentially become so rigid that you cannot see what is happening in your periphery; you are like a deer staring into headlights.

But analysis shines light on your past and your past shines light on your present. Learning from your past can reveal much about how you presently think and act. Analysis forces you to dive into your past; without it, you probably would have never revisited certain events.

Analyzing your life requires a lot of interest, motivation and drive. This process cannot be forced. It has to come from you. And it is best to see a psychotherapist who is trained in analysis. But it first starts within: you must switch the light on and be willing to engage head on.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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