Controlling Your Nerves

How To Calm Nerves And Anxiety

Nobody wants to be around a hothead. Controlling your nerves is crucial to avoid losing your cool and turning an innocent situation into an awkward and disappointing one. Life is unexpected and can present you with situations that can easily irritate you. You have to learn how to handle uncomfortable situations.

First things first: there is always an alternative way of dealing with anger and nerves. When you feel it slowly building up, you must find a way to extinguish it before it blows up. Remind yourself that it’s not worth getting angry: it ruins friendships, relationships and situations.

The way to calm your nerves and anxiety is to change your thoughts in that moment. Distract yourself from what is making you angry or anxious and look at the positive side; there’s always something positive to look at. The reason many people lose their cool is because their negativity overpowers them faster than their positivity can take effect.

The key is controlling your nerves and anxiety within the first few minutes of onset. The more that you practice controlling negative situations, the easier it will become to deal with them in the future. Practice makes perfect. But if you give in and allow your nerves and anxiety to take over, you will become more prone to re-experiencing them in the near future.

Life is not meant for you to be irritable, nervous and anxious. It’s normal to be presented with upsetting situations and it’s normal to be disappointed at times! But there’s a difference from being upset and losing your cool versus being upset and remaining composed. The former is looked down upon; the latter is favored and appreciated.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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