Pattern Recognition

Psychological Patterns Of Life

Life is often made more complicated than it has to be. Our emotions get in the way and steer us off course when things were meant to go straight. Sometimes we veer back in the right direction, while other times, we crash and burn. But emotions are normal to experience and must not be suppressed; they will only come back out at a later time.

Rather than suppressing emotions, you must experience them, but without allowing them to fog your lenses. Fogged lenses chip away at life patterns which are meant to help make your life easier and more enjoyable. So first things first: do not allow your emotions to interfere with pattern recognition!

What is psychological pattern recognition? A pattern is a reliable sample of traits, acts, tendencies or behaviors of a person, group or institution. Your unconscious mind recognizes patterns and helps you utilize them in times of need. But the problem is that your unconscious mind has many other responsibilities and does not devote the majority of its time to helping you recognize patterns.

That is where you come in! You must be sharp, wise and observant. Every day is an opportunity for you to recognize a new pattern in life, whether it be related to verbal communication, body language, interactions, conversations, exchanging of information or learning new information.

If you do not recognize patterns, you are doomed to repeat past mistakes and halt your progress in life. A lot of patterns are psychological in nature because they arise in the mind and are related to the mental and emotional states of others. We are surrounded by people every day; thus, we are surrounded by psychological patterns all the time.

Do not live in oblivion. To make your life easier and advance at a smoother pace, you must learn to recognize the many psychological patterns of life. As soon as you start doing this, the dots will start to connect and stars will start to align; even if you cannot see them.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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