The Unconscious Mind

Controlled By The Unknown

The only real glimpse of the unconscious mind is through dreams; even then, it is carefully disguised in vague and bizarre forms. What is the unconscious mind? Is it even ours or are we all connected to some universal program which we tap into? Are we being controlled by someone or something else?

Our behavior, actions, emotions, thoughts and expressions are all a byproduct of our unconscious mind. Visualize an iceberg; the unconscious is everything beneath the surface. The tip of the iceberg is our everyday life. Can you imagine how little we know about ourself?

One begs the question, “can the unconscious be accessed?” The simple answer is yes. One can choose to undergo psychoanalytic or psychodynamic psychotherapy. The goal of these therapies are to bring to light unconscious conflicts which are responsible for our current thoughts and behavior.

A second method to accessing the unconscious is keeping track of your dreams and analyzing them. It starts with keeping a dream diary and recording the dreams within 20 minutes of waking up. This takes much motivation and most likely guidance from a professional trained in dream interpretation. And even then, can we really trust the meaning of dreams?

Some argue that the unconscious mind is where we repress undesirable thoughts and wishes. Some thoughts, being too powerful and uncomfortable for the waking mind are kicked back into a mental compartment for storage; the unconscious mind! But this does not mean that unconscious thoughts are not active. It’s quite the opposite: they are working full-time in ways that may be influencing our behavior.

It can also be argued that our personality is controlled by the unconscious mind. What we say and do and how we think and react may be byproducts of the unconscious mind; like a puppet master pulling the strings. So the goal becomes: accessing the puppet master and taking back control of our mind.

Most people are not in tune with their unconscious mind, nor do they care to become so. That is why the human mind is easily influenceable by the media: news, movies, music, video games, etc. The unconscious mind records everything 24/7. For instance, when you step outside and walk to your car, you may not notice that a bird just flew in your periphery, but your unconscious mind recorded that event!

Therefore, we must all tune in and attempt to discover our unconscious mind. Take control of your life even if it means stepping into the unknown!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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