Running Away from Challenges

Don’t Make Excuses, Make Improvements

Many people do not learn to live up to their full potential. It is not because of the lack of opportunities. It is because they are presented with challenges! Opportunities always present themselves, whether one admits it or not. Life always gives us a chance to better ourselves!

But due to different environments which we are born and raised in, different upbringings and schools of thought, not every person capitalizes on an opportunity. Two similar folks may be presented with the same opportunity, but one anxiously jumps on it while the other kicks rocks.

Whenever someone complains of lack of opportunities in life, they are just making excuses rather than improvements. What holds them back from grabbing an opportunity is their mindset. Whatever the circumstances of their environment, they still have the inner strength to say “yes, I will jump on this.” But the key is to get in touch with this inner strength.

A common mistake many people make is that they run away from challenges; they view them as laboring and time-consuming obstacles rather than opportunities for improvement. But to succeed in life is to suffer through all kinds of twists and turns. There is no way around it.

The more that you run away from challenges, the more difficult it will be for you to ever accept them in the future. You are training your mind to only work at a certain level; whenever a challenge presents itself, your mind has been automated to decline the greater work requirement.

But the more that you accept challenges, the better you will get at working through them and the easier it will become to handle them in the future. Mastering challenges improves your confidence and potentially your success level. They give you strength along the way, allowing you to become better equipped for future opportunities.

Therefore, stop making excuses and start making improvements!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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