The Start Of A New Week

Changing The Way You View Mondays

For most people, when Monday rolls in, a yucky feeling of “ugh” swarms over. There is something about starting a new week that displeasures the most of us. But the key to feeling more positive and optimistic is to change the way you view the start of a new week.

Rather than dreading Mondays, start to look at it differently by appreciating the start of a new week. Look at the positives: a new week brings more eduction, opportunities to learn at school or on your job, discipline and even surprises. Starting the week off with a positive mindset will allow you to enjoy the process much more than being negative before the week has even started.

Dreading Mondays also makes you more vulnerable to experiencing stress. Stress can impact your job performance or doing well on exams. You may not feel the stress right away, but over time, it will creep in on you and bite you harder than ever before. Beginning the week with a positive mindset helps keep your stress level down.

Lastly, don’t feel rushed or obliged to get through a Monday as quickly as possible. Rushing promotes errors and more stress. Rather, take it easy and enjoy every moment of the day, even if your job is intense. Taking one step at a time is a much better strategy than powering through a Monday.

It’s all about how you view your world. Mondays are no different. Change the way you think and your reality will adapt as well!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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