Schizoid Personality Disorder

Content Loners

A person with schizoid personality disorder avoids social activities and interactions and prefers to spend time by him or herself. They are classically labeled by society as “loners” and usually demonstrate a limited range of emotional expression. Schizoids lack the desire to form close relationships; their own presence is all they need to be satisfied.

Schizoid personality disorder becomes evident by early adulthood. Schizoids may have trouble with school and jobs because they are uncomfortable being around people. That is why they prefer jobs where they can work alone. Think of the tollbooth worker who only works the nightshift in order to avoid as many interactions as possible.

Schizoids prefer to be alone and do activities on their own. They do not want help, advice, suggestions or compliments from others; to be left alone in peace is all that they ask for. They do not want a close relationship; they feel uncomfortable, uneasy and uninterested in developing a close bond with another human being.

Schizoids feel little to no desire for a sexual relationship. Masturbation in the privacy of their home is all the pleasure that they need. Why would they want a sexual relationship if they do not enjoy being around others? The thought of getting close to another individual probably turns them off.

Schizoids have difficulty expressing their emotions and reacting appropriately in different situations. They do not know how to show their true colors without coming off as awkward or different. So they avoid situations that involve people in order to prevent uncomfortable experiences.

Schizoids may seem emotionally cold towards others. It’s not because they dislike people; they just prefer to keep to themselves. They find company in the comfort of their own presence. When they do interact with another person, their dysphoria translates into emotions that are perceived by others to be cold.

Schizoids don’t react to praise or remarks by others. What you say does not matter to them. It’s not that they are trying to be disrespectful; they simply do not care what you say about them. Their minds are disconnected from the rest of humanity; human interaction is not their cup of tea.

If you run into a person who seems emotionally cold, disinterested, aloof, makes poor eye contact and quickly attempts to leave your presence, keep in mind schizoid personality disorder!

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