Histrionic Personality Disorder

Histrionic Meaning

Histrionic personality disorder is a cluster B personality disorder characterized by an overdramatic, overly emotional and erratic type of behavior. Histrionics are extremely emotional and attention-seeking; their behavior becomes evident by early adulthood.

Histrionics become uncomfortable in situations in which they’re not the center of attention. They constantly feel the need to attract a lot of attention in order to fill their emotional void or inflate their ego. They may use their physical appearance to draw attention to themselves.

Histrionics often interact with others by inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior. They are very sexual and may even get themselves into many sexual relationships out of a desire to feel attention and pleasure. They often dress very flaunty and revealing in order to attract sexual attention into their lives.

Histrionics are often shallow in their emotional expression. They may show interest in what you say in one moment and completely forget about you in the next. Think of the loud attractive blonde lady at a dinner party who is having one too many cocktails and demonstrating obnoxious behavior and “omg” statements. That’s histrionic.

Their speech often lack details. Their conversations are very superficial and bubbly; logic and facts are not on the agenda. It’s about emotions, appearance, sexuality and materialism. The simpler the conversation, the better the histrionic feels.

Histrionics display self-dramatization, theatricality and an exaggerated expression of emotions. It’s as if they are the leading actor on stage, attempting to soak up all the attention and credit. They may appear very entertaining and fun to be around with, but their shallowness often drives people away.

Histrionics may also be very easily influenced by others. Because they are so engulfed in superficial emotions and theatricality, they naturally make themselves easy targets for others to exploit. This may lead to good or bad situations, depending on if there is anything to gain by the histrionic.

Lastly, histrionics may consider relationships to be more intimate than they actually are. For instance, they may get into a one night stand believing that the hookup was the start of a brand new relationship. They may believe that innocent flirting by the opposite sex is a sign of a future relationship, when in reality, the man is just being polite and friendly.

Whenever someone is overly dramatic, flaunty, emotional and attention-seeking, keep in mind histrionic personality disorder!

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