The Importance Of Educating

Educating Others On Mental Illness

The mind controls everything: our reactions, movements, choices, beliefs, respiration, sexual drive, creativity, motivation, work ethic and the list goes on. The importance of educating each other on mental illness is immense; one person’s experience can help prevent another person’s demise.

Many people can participate in educating others about mental illness. The more honesty that is delivered, the more stories that can be interrelated! The more open that we are with each other, the greater the effect becomes on shaping society to develop a stronger understanding of how mental health impacts our lives in many different ways.

If we do not come together and form a web of sticky education, humanity will continue to remain divided on the experience of mental health. Cohesion must form to help spread the understanding of mental illness! Education is one form of ending stigma; people are attracted to knowledge and personal experience.

If you have suffered or are suffering from a mental illness, share the experience with someone you know who may be suffering as well; strength in numbers is the expectation. Utilize the power of knowledge and past experience to help someone in need!

The problem does not lie with the medical field in terms of education. But as professionals, our reach can only extend so far. We need the help of humanity to contribute by promoting the end of mental health stigma and the sharing of personal and honest experiences, while being nonjudgmental.

Science can only take us so far. But love and care are limitless.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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