Kill Em With Success


The Successful Recipe

Belief. Hard work. Sacrifice. And more belief. To be successful, you have to be willing to give up your old mindset of mediocracy and come up with a realistic plan that you can accomplish. Success is step-wise; you climb the staircase and build off your previous accomplishments.

It starts with vision and belief. You have to envision yourself in the future: where you want to be, what kind of person you want to be, your financial situation, your social situation, where you want to live, how much you want to work, etc. The next step is to believe your vision.

Believing your vision may be one of the most difficult steps because it requires constant repetition during times of adversity. With ups and downs, your vision and beliefs take many blows to the side of the head; you start to lose your confidence. But this is when you must stand up harder than before and fight! Persistence and determination get you to the finish line and beyond.

Sacrificing your old mindset, habits and lifestyle is also very important. For some, this may be giving up alcohol, drugs, laziness, a passive lifestyle, friends who are not supportive and not going far in life, etc. Whatever you think is holding you back, you must sacrifice. You cannot expect success and lead a lifestyle of failure. A similar saying stands in the bible,”you cannot serve both God and Satan.”

If you pick your old mindset, then your life will remain at that. If you clear your mind and adopt a new way of living and viewing life, you will be rewarded with your dreams and goals. At first, you may feel uncomfortable leaving your old life behind. This is normal. But as every day passes, you gain strength and stamina and your mind becomes accustomed to your new way of being.

You must have a realistic plan at first. You cannot go from working at Midas to being a wall street CEO making seven figures in two years. You have to come up with a realistic plan and work your way up. Oftentimes, this is through education and hard work. Some people get by in life through connections, but this is not required. If you become blessed with meaningful connections, then by no means utilize their assistance and guidance.

And lastly, do not give up! The road to success has many pitfalls that will attempt to knock you off your path; don’t fall for these traps. Oftentimes, these bumps in the road are there to direct your course and build up your character by enduring pain. Pain is what fuels you with energy and keeps you going. Look at pain as checkpoints that provide you with wake up calls; sometimes we head off course and need something to discipline us more.

What is your success story? Feel free to share as we all can learn from each other.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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