Improving Mental Health

Passion, Care And Trust

Our patients come first. Our ego comes last. As soon as the medical community adopts this mindset, mental health care will start to improve. Even among the medical community, there is too much selfishness, pride, competition and ego, that we forget what we signed up for: to help other human beings live happier and healthier lives.

Where is the passion? Many physicians see patients as an obligatory task, like checking off a to-do list. They forget to smile, be empathetic, listen well and compliment. It’s as if burnout has overtaken passion, resulting in empty interactions that lack any meaning or purpose. Passion is a must in order for the mental health of humanity to consistently improve.

Where is the care? I am not referring to prescribing medications or talking to patients. Where is the concern and interest for our patients today? Some physicians crack jokes, laugh and even make inappropriate comments; we cannot expect patients to play along when mental health care is not a playing matter.

Where is the trust? Many physicians say this and that and do not deliver. “I will talk to you later today”, “I will see you in ten minutes”, “I will follow up with you later”, only to do the opposite. Some physicians also sell out to pharmaceutical companies, replacing patient care with money as their number one objective.

Improving mental health is not only about doing genetics and neuroscience research or coming out with more effective medications; that is 25% of the battle. The rest relies on delivering authentic, reliable, passionate and trustworthy care on a daily basis. Our patients rely on us; they view us as healers in times of need.

On the first day of medical school, we put on our white coats and took a vow, to deliver honest and ethical care to our patients for the rest of our careers. Many physicians are unconsciously throwing in the towel and breaking the vow before their careers have even ended; they forget their past.

Let us come together and restore the prestige of medicine and psychiatry!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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