Blaming Others For Your Actions

Stop Blaming Others

Sometimes the basics need a refresher. One common theme that still persists in our society is the blaming of others for our actions. We have a tendency to find fault in someone else before we stand guilty ourselves. Blaming each other contributes to the anger and violence circulating amongst us.

Rather than blaming others, we need to admit to our faults and correct them. This will help us remain honest, grow as individuals and build character. And even if someone else is to blame, it is unnecessary to point the fingers at them; life has a way of delivering justice.

It is human nature to be selfish and self-protective; not a lot of people demonstrate altruistic behavior like an ant colony working for the queen. Most people want to be the queen and have others do the favors and hard work; and if not done, blaming becomes the automatic defense mechanism.

One can argue that another problem with our mental health in America is that we are not honest with ourselves and are quick to blame others. If we are feeling depressed, there must be someone else at fault that is causing us to feel this way. If we are feeling anxious, it is because someone else’s behavior is making us uneasy.

Finding excuses rather than making improvements is why mental illness remains a serious problem and concern in our society. We are fueled by differences in culture and beliefs which sometimes lead to hate in regards to another individual’s race, ethnicity or background.

And hate leads to another Sandy Hook, Las Vegas or El Paso shooting. We look and hope to find problems which are external to ourselves, when in reality, most of the problems stem from our lack of accepting responsibility or practicing self-improvement.

Rather than blaming others, look into your own eyes and make the necessary changes that will turn you into a better person!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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