The Gift Of Medical Marijuana

Helping Patients Heal Naturally

The scent confuses you. Is it a drug of abuse or a medication for healing? You hear of stoners spending years of their lives getting baked. But you also hear of multiple sclerosis, cancer and AIDS patients benefiting from cannabis. You remain confused.

Why should medical marijuana not be legalized worldwide? If patients swear by it, does this not trump scientific evidence? If nature is able to provide a relief, then we must allow relief to be delivered. But sometimes man interferes when it would be best to allow nature to run its course.

Recreational marijuana is another story. We are talking about the medical benefits which can provide relief of symptoms to millions of patients worldwide. Drug addicts will never cease to exist; their reward centers lust for a high. But patients’ reward centers are not focused on intoxication; survival is their goal.

Let’s shove the stigma to the side and come together to deliver goodness where it is most needed. Whether you are a physician, lawyer, politician or farmer does not matter; common sense should prevail. And common sense is to provide a medicine, which in many cases is superior to conventional synthetics.

Psychological addiction is a concern; to deny this fact is to keep your foolish glasses on. But addiction is more of a concern with recreational marijuana; so is mental health. But medical marijuana is for the patients. The patients are suffering from physical disorders; getting high is not on their agenda.

On a positive note, it is happening. Medical marijuana is being delivered to the people worldwide. But many parts of the world still have no access. Is the process too slow? Perhaps. But the important thing is that the medicine has finally gone mainstream and the stigma is finally burning out.

Progress is being made. Nature is stepping in and helping us heal in times of need!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


10 Replies to “The Gift Of Medical Marijuana”

      1. I’m from Malaysia. We’re slowly increasing the awareness of mental health here. It used to be stigmatised heavily, but according to my psychiatrist more and more patients are seeking help.

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      2. I am trying my best! I always post my experiences with my illness on Instagram to help people understand better. If I can get through to just one person, that would be food enough for me 😊

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