Manipulative Minds At Work

An Apology Without Change Is Just Manipulation

The act of manipulation is one of man’s oldest tricks in the book to achieving control and power over others. Lying, deceit, twisting of words, charm and changes in behavior are just some of the actions portrayed by manipulative artists; their ego is their master. Their intention is to gain at the expense of your loss.

It is important to be able to recognize manipulative behavior and learn how to properly deal with people who employ these sneaky and potentially harmful tactics. As the puppet master pulls the strings to control his or her subject, so do manipulative people with their victims. Their goal is to take advantage of a situation or achieve satisfaction which cannot otherwise be obtained without artful and unfair means.

Even when you confront a manipulative person, they may not admit to their behavior. They may attempt to continue manipulating by adopting a defensive or innocent role with the intent of making you feel awkward or shallow for bringing up the subject. It is important to not back down from your stance; once you confront the manipulation brought upon by another person, continue to address their behavior in a calm and cooperative manner.

Some manipulative people may become apologetic with the intent of covering their compromised behavior. But an apology without change is further manipulation! Apologies are just empty words when not backed by clear and effective change. Do not give a manipulative person the benefit of the doubt; actions always speak louder than words!

Lastly, never become emotionally disgruntled when dealing with a manipulative person; doing so hands them power and control over you. Be the mature role model who stands tall and is not budged by deceitful and cowardly behavior. Being a leader helps implement positive change in those around you and this is how goodness spreads in the world!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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