The Consistent Drive To Eat Healthy

Is Eating One Meal A Day Healthy?

Eating healthy is a lifestyle. You must want it, seek it and live it. So many people attempt to eat healthy and sadly begin to give up after a week or two; other things in their life distract them and steer them off course. If you are not willing to change your eating habit 100%, then you will most likely fail in achieving a long-term healthy diet.

You must first find a reason to motivate yourself to adopt a healthy diet. Are you interested in losing weight or are you health-conscious and just want to eat healthy? Whatever the reason, it is very important to keep your drive alive no matter what obstacles you may be facing in life.

Obstacles, problems and concerns are part of life; they can only be dealt with but not always avoided. However, this does not mean that you must sacrifice eating healthy because of outside distractions. Your health always comes first! The moment that your mentality switches and you start putting your health second, you will lose your drive to eat healthy very quickly.

There are some people who believe that eating one meal a day is healthy. This is a very bad idea. To begin with, breakfast is the most important meal of the day: your body has not been eating for the last 8-10 hours and needs fuel to kickstart your day. Secondly, lunch is very important to keep your energy going in the afternoon; relying on energy obtained from breakfast is not a wise alternative.

And lastly, dinner is the last meal that connects two consecutive days; it refuels you before you say goodbye to today and say hello to tomorrow. Therefore, no meal should be subtracted from your day. Part of being healthy is being consistent with how often you eat. Adopting a healthy eating routine requires drive, consistency and passion!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


2 Replies to “The Consistent Drive To Eat Healthy”

  1. Fully agree! Transitioning to a healthy lifestyle requires a permanent change to our immediate environment. And to do this, we need a good reason/motivation. Once the motivation and the understanding of intelligent environment design are there, it really is pretty easy.

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