Negativity Breeds Negativity

Negative Blackholes

The more time that you spend around negative people, the more you will become like them; negativity is contagious. There is something magnetic about negativity; it spreads like wildfire through everybody that it touches. And the more that you expose yourself to it, the more that you inhale its toxic fumes!

People do not seem to realize that once they enter a state of mind that circles around negative topics, complaints and bleak outlooks, they end up attracting more negativity into their lives. At the unconscious level, negativity attracts more negativity because you become comfortable in this state of mind.

Negative comfort” is when you start feeling remorse for yourself because of the situation that you are dealing with. By feeling bad for yourself, it paradoxically becomes soothing and comforting, but in a negative manner. You start to believe that you are the victim fighting against the “bad guy” or “the system.”

To make things even worse, when other people start feeling bad for you and join in on your negativity, the energy exponentiates itself; groupthink can have a very powerful effect! Now you are receiving more “negative comfort” from others around you, which feeds more into this negative cycle that has entered your life!

The solution is to not partake in negativity and back away as soon as you sense it. Do not let it creep into your life; it is very easy to fall trap to negative forces. Whenever you are feeling negative, allow the emotions to marinate for a few hours at most, and then transition into a positive state of mind. Brush it off and move forward by staying positive!

In addition, do not partake in the group negativity that may surround you at certain times in life. If you have no choice and you have to be surrounded by negative people (i.e, your co-workers) then let them be negative, but do not add gasoline to the fire. Show them the opposite: that you portray positivity and high spirits!

Be a leader by demonstrating high moral grounds and a positive attitude!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

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