Utilize The Information From Your Dreams

Field Of Hopes And Dreams

The first few minutes after waking up are crucial to memorizing your dreams; the more time you allow to pass, the farther away your dreams drift off. Immediately after opening your eyes, make an effort to replay your dreams in your conscious mind.

Replaying your dreams in your conscious mind will reinforce the content and make it stick with you longer throughout the day. If you are really motivated, you can have a journal on your nightstand and write down the dreams right after waking up.

Sigmund Freud stated, “dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.” It is believed by many psychologists that dreams are jumbled up thoughts representative of your unconscious mind. The key is to try to make sense of the messages delivered in dreams and learn something from them!

By analyzing your dreams, you can learn important information about your personality and the way you view the world. However, dreams cannot always be taken literally; most of the time, they have to be deciphered to extrapolate potential meaningful information.

Many times, dreams can provide wonderful feelings and images of people in your past or maybe even in your future! The dreams do not have to represent actual people who you know; they can be people you do not know but who provide a warm and loving feeling in the dream.

Utilizing information from your dreams takes much practice. We have become so good at ignoring our dreams upon awakening that it almost does not even matter to us. Therefore, you need to become motivated to remember your dreams and care enough to analyze them.

But once you do, you never know when you might strike gold!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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