Unbreakable Confidence

Leading A Confident Life

One of the strongest weapons under your arsenal should be confidence. Without it, you become weaker in your interactions with others, relationships, decision-making and directions taken in life. Confidence should be your shining armor; it protects you from life’s bow and arrows.

Confidence provides you with energy and determination to accomplish life’s tasks and move forward with dignity and pride. It fuels your days and is great for those long and tedious work shifts when you sometimes feel like giving up; it keeps you strong and resilient!

Strong relationships are built off confidence. Women are attracted to men who display confidence and men are attracted to women who are confident in themselves; it goes both ways. Employers are interested in hiring confident employees and employees are interested in working for confident bosses; it goes both ways.

Confidence increases your feeling of being connected with your surroundings. This is because confident people are not afraid of being comfortable in their own skin, regardless of the environmental situation that they are in! If you take a confident person and drop them off in an urban neighborhood known for drugs and violence, they will manage to find a way to get out safely; their confidence guides their survival!

Confidence allows you to influence people more easily. There is a difference between confidence and cockiness; the latter is based on arrogance and insecurity. Successful leaders usually display confidence; it allows them to have an impact on people through words and actions. People are attracted to confidence!

Confident people are able to control their emotions and behavior more responsibly! This is because confident people learn from their mistakes and build off past errors that they have made. When future problems present themselves, they are able to better control their emotions and behavior by relating to past experiences.

One of your strongest assets without question should be confidence! Regardless of your age or status in life, confidence will always be achievable if you desire and want it. But stop wasting precious moments in life making the same mistakes due to a lack of confidence. Step up to the plate today and put on your shining armor called confidence!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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