Family Is Everything

Unconditional Love

Life works in unpredictable ways; one moment you are spending time laughing with your friends and the other you are staring out of a psychiatric unit window wondering what you did wrong in life. Having a supportive family by your side can help bring you back to a comfortable place mentally.

Your family knows you best; they were there for you during your childhood, and for some, even provided you with a roof above your head during your adulthood. Bonding with your family helps remind you of all the good memories from the past; this results in an overall feeling of well-being.

Behavioral problems can decrease when you receive family support. For instance, a very agitated patient who is involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric unit improves dramatically in her behavior after her parents visit her for 30 minutes. This is because parents provide a comforting touch that no psychiatrist or clinician can provide; they know which buttons to push and which emotions to trigger for the better.

A family provides you with self-confidence. They teach you the ways of the world and how to deal with good and bad situations. It is wise to learn from your family because some of them have been around longer than you have; time provides experience and wisdom!

Interactions with your family provides an opportunity to learn more about yourself. Your family knows a lot about how you think and through their responses in conversations, you can come to the realization of any negative thought process you hold. A family provides you the opportunity to take an inward look at yourself and fix any issues or faults which you previously had not observed.

They can help you become a better person by teaching morals and values which you did not previously pick up as a child. A strong family core can help keep you grounded in life and prevent you from drifting in the wrong directions. One of your greatest gifts is your family, so love them with all your might and be thankful for their presence!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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