What to tell Someone who is Sad

Genuine and Gentle Support

Sadness is part of everyday life. The emotions feel like they are boiling in your chest; your mind wonders if the pain will ever go away. Experiencing sadness can be very difficult because it can make your mindset very negative; you start turning against yourself, losing self-confidence and feeling like a failure.

The first thing to understand when someone you know is sad is to give them their space; nobody likes an annoying person attempting to be of help. Giving a sad person their space allows them to decide how to handle their situation. As long as they know that you are available for support, then that is all that matters.

If a sad person is willing to talk to you, make sure to approach the conversation very gently; approaching from the wrong angle may make their situation worse. The most important step is to listen to them; don’t jump into the conversation with suggestions and sympathy. Listen to what they have to say; be their shoulder to cry on.

A sad person will be much more appreciative of your presence if you show them that you are listening carefully; it feels good to be heard. After letting them spill their emotions onto you, recite some of the things that they have told you along with some gentle suggestions; this will reinforce the fact that you were carefully listening to them.

Your suggestions, advice and empathy should be done genuinely and wholeheartedly. Why waste your time trying to help a sad person if you are not going to use your heart? It is very easy to tell when someone is genuine or fake.

Be the genuine person!

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