Bring Purpose Behind Your Actions

Purpose-Driven Life

Whatever you do, do it with purpose and passion! The beauty of being genuine and passionate in your actions is that you can really make an impact on others; a domino effect can promote goodness among the people around you.

There will always be leaders in life, but one or two here and there is not enough to make a meaningful impact in this world. We need people with strong character to step up to the plate and deliver goodness and strength. We need people who will inspire others to reach their maximum potential.

And whatever you do, use your heart and remain humble; there already is enough arrogance and cockiness in this world. If others become angry at you, you do the opposite. If others want to fight you, you start peace. If others wish you harm, you pray for them.

Become a role model for yourself and others; your actions will stimulate people way more than your words. Show yourself and others how good things are done. Teach yourself and others new information and productive behaviors that will uplift everyone around you.

Are you DSM Ready material? Are you willing to join a community based on honesty, integrity and passion?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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