Depersonalization Disorder

When Reality Decides To Take A Break

The feeling of depersonalization is terrifying and torturing at the same time. During the experience, it’s as if your mind is losing its grip on reality and allowing you to view the world from an external point if view; as if you are outside of your body.

For instance, while listening to somebody speak, it may become uncomfortable making eye contact with them because it almost feels as if you are coming out of your body, and the more you maintain eye contact, the worse it gets. So you start to constantly shift your body position; a slight turn in different directions gives you the hope that the out-of-body sensation will go away.

Another example is the sensation of not feeling steady on your feet; it’s as if you are walking on clouds because your steps don’t feel like they’re making contact with a solid surface. By experiencing this sensation, you start to panic and believe that you may fall over at any moment! The next thought that naturally rushes into your mind is to take a seat somewhere; but that is not always possible depending on where you area.

The cause of depersonalization disorder is not known; it may be associated with depression or anxiety. The symptoms may go away on its own or through psychotherapy. There is no medication that treats it. If you have anxiety, then antidepressants can be tried; sometimes the depersonalization is part of the anxiety.

If you or anyone is suffering from depersonalization disorder, feel free to share your experiences with The DSM Ready Movement so we can provide you with support and comfort! We are in this together.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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