Sky View from Grass Level

A Free Natural Remedy

There are many times when your desire to be outside is through the roof; one more minute in your dungeon will drive you crazier than the obnoxious Subarus driving down your street. So you grab hold of a beach towel, some white Apple headphones and make your way out into nature; step #1 accomplished.

You allow the warm beams of the sun to penetrate your skin from all angles, while you lay on your beach towel making eye contact with the grass at ground level; you’ve officially landed. You slightly rotate your eyes toward the sky and come to the realization of what it feels like to view the world from grass level; step #2 accomplished.

You make a phone call or two; some people might answer, others may be busy studying while some don’t pick up. You hear the little kids playing in the playground nearby, the parents teaching the little leaguers how to properly hit a baseball and the birds chirping in the background; you are taking it all in and are already feeling much better about yourself. Step #3 accomplished.

Nature provides many wonderful experiences that you cannot obtain indoors. It is healing, therapeutic, relieving and natural; it connects you with a feeling of pure happiness. Any time that you are experiencing that grueling feeling of boredom or indoor disgust, do yourself a wonderful favor and head outdoors to spend time with nature; you will come back feeling splendid!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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