Theory Of Mind

Worldwide Network Of Human Relations

Theory of mind is the ability to attribute different mental states to others and to understand that others have different beliefs, perspectives and desires than that of your own. It involves understanding another person’s beliefs, emotions and intentions and using this information to more effectively deal with social situations.

Theory of mind is crucial for everyday social interactions; it’s a process used when analyzing and inferring others’ behaviors. It allows you to arrive at an understanding that different mental states are responsible for the behavior of others.

There are many cognitive disorders that prevent people from utilizing theory of mind. For instance, patients with autism, schizophrenia, ADHD and alcoholism can have deficits related to theory of mind; their developmental and cognitive impairment prevents them from effectively understanding others’ thought processes and behavioral patterns.

Theory of mind is crucial to developing prosperous relationships; the better you can understand others’ way of thinking and behaving, the easier you can adapt to their presence and prevent unnecessary complications. Theory of mind can be utilized to make your life easier, by understanding the role that other individuals hold in your surroundings.

Theory of mind is not meant to be used in a manipulative manner; it is a mental tool that allows you to better understand where others are coming from. It allows you to understand their stories and become empathic towards their struggles; it is a worldwide network of human behavioral understanding. And it is free to use!

The DSM Ready Movement advocates for the peaceful and empathic use of theory of mind to help each other understand our struggles and pain; to bring us together and share the power of love with one another!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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