Don’t Take It Out On Yourself

Your Greatest Gift Is Life

It is so easy to get angry with yourself and allow negative thoughts to pile like an old dirty bookshelf, resulting in a repetitive pattern of self-destruction. Most of the time, our environment is so stressful and consuming that we take it personally and redirect the negative energy within ourself; this inches us closer to mental illness.

You should not take it out on others either. Rather, try mirror meditation or mindfulness. Relax, close your eyes and just lose yourself in the present moment; sometimes all we need is some disconnection from the world. Meditation is like a reset point you can always return to; it allows you to unwind and destress.

You should always be loving yourself; if you are not, why should others? Your greatest gift is life! The fact that you get to experience this world, no matter how tough it may be, is extremely precious and you should always be grateful! You have to learn how to get past the rough terrain without doing harm to yourself; when you make it, you will realize that it was all worth it.

If you can relate to this message, educate the people you know not to take it out on themselves. The DSM Ready Movement is about coming together and helping each other, while empowering one another to reach a slightly higher state of mind! 😎

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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