Eating Is A Discipline

Train Your Mind To Eat Properly

It is very easy to lose control of your eating habits; the taste of food can grab a hold onto your taste buds and turn you into an eating machine. As you start nibbling more, a pattern develops, resulting in consuming more food at the next meal, until your meals become consistently larger.

Eating properly is a discipline; you have to train your mind to eat less, even if you still feel hungry. On the first few meals that you cut short eating, you will remain hungry and this will either make or break you; you either will say “hell with this” and continue eating, or you will endure the pain.

If you choose to endure the pain of hunger, you will notice that on your next meal, you will not want to eat as much; this is because your brain is starting to adapt to the new quantity of food you are willing to consume. And now you have just developed a new pattern of eating less!

Becoming disciplined is not that difficult; this can be applied to cutting sweets, junk food and fatty food out of your life. Keep your portions small and healthy and make sure that you still enjoy eating! Eating should not be a chore; once your brain gets used to the smaller portions, you will feel better about yourself because you will start to lose weight (assuming that you are exercising as well). And do not go overboard and eat too little; everything in moderation!

The DSM Ready Movement is about staying fit, physically and mentally!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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