Tough Love Works

Tough it Out with Tough Love

Sometimes you need to go out of your way and apply tough love with friends and family; it can literally save their life. Many people quit alcohol and drugs when their family abandons them; unfortunately, others remain victims of addiction.

The key is to avoid being an enabler and to learn how to set restrictions. Tough love shows them that you no longer are willing to tolerate their behavior and that you are ready to end the relationship if they do not change.

It may be difficult to implement tough love with someone you love; you may start to feel guilty, sad, miserable or even lonely. But if your intuition tells you to do it, then go for it! You are better off setting limits than continuing to engage in a destructive relationship.

Tough love provides you with many benefits: it helps relieve you from the toxic relationship, lowers your stress level and frees you from responsibility related to the destructive behavior of the other person. Do not be afraid to apply tough love. You are doing the other person a favor by requiring them to take responsibility for their actions!

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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