Weed Out Your Friendships

Look Beyond The Mask

Who are your true friends? We often think that we may have made exciting new friends, but there is always a true character behind the mask. A true friend will offer to take his or her mask off within days of meeting you; they know that you are trustworthy and goodhearted.

But can you say the same about them? We often fall victim of false friendships out of insecurity and desperation. Sometimes we just want to fit in; other times we are blindfolded and cannot tell the difference between friend and foe. And then we wonder why pain has made its way into our lives again.

That is why you must develop an eye for weeding out your friendships. Allow your intuition to guide you in the process; if there are more negative feelings related to a person, they are a foe. If there are more positive feelings related to a person, they are a friend. But even then, always be wary because “friends can be your worst enemy”; after all, they know you best.

Becoming paranoid on who is your friend or foe is not the direction you should take. Paranoia will only isolate you and you will end up with none. But be smart, sharp and wise! Learn from your past relationships, analyze why they ended or why they lasted. Do not let history repeat itself in a negative fashion; your heart does not deserve the pain from people who do not have your best interest.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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