Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Be Organic And Show Your True Colors

Ever since we enter childhood, are curiosity buds start buzzing and we start asking ourselves “who am I?” We start questioning the world, our parents, our friends and society; we wonder why we get in trouble for certain things we do, but not for others.

Then comes the fun part. Adolescence. I believe this is the most crucial life stage that a person goes through, because it can make or break them. Teenagers start to naturally disconnect from their parents and connect more tightly with their peers; image, popularity, roles and fitting in become the agenda.

For all the teenagers reading this, remember one thing: be organic, be yourself and show your true colors to everyone around you; there are people dying to meet the real you! As soon as you start acting like others, you are selling yourself short. Why? Because you are not allowing your personality to flower into who you really are meant to be. This stage is important because your brain and mind are developing and you need your true personality to be as much in tune with them as possible; this will maximize your opportunities in life by keeping your mind and personality in sync.

Even in adulthood, some people continue to “try too hard” or act like a version that does not seem to be in sync with who they truly are. These people are not representing their true selves to the world. Guess how they feel inside? Miserable, disgusted, and depressed! Imagine stepping outside your home everyday and immediately putting on a mask that you want to portray to society; your true self is buried behind this mask until you arrive back home.

This is no way of living. Everybody should always be themselves; this is how our world will become a better place, and this is how we will end mental health stigma once and for all.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


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