Honesty Is The Best Policy

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Honesty And Integrity

One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to lead an honest life. Waking up every single day knowing that you are willing to be sincere and free of deceit and untruthfulness is one of the best feelings; your mental health joyfully cheers you on! Honesty is the best policy to live by in your everyday interactions; that and integrity.

Maintaining strong moral principles and uprightness is something respectable to live by; people will commend you for it. It also just feels splendid to be able to live your life with integrity. Even if life is difficult at times and gives you lemons, it makes a whole world of a difference when you are doing your part by living honestly and full of integrity.

You will also win more in life when you are consistently honest. Some people will like to tell you otherwise, “No man, if you’re honest all the time, people will trample all over you. You gotta know how to play the game!” What game? Lying just to get by or win certain people or situations over? As 2Pac once said, “You don’t have to lie to kick it.”

While lying and providing misinformation will certainly reward you with certain outcomes, in the end, you will just suffer on the inside. This is because lying slowly corrupts you, and the more that you do it, the more immune you become to the feeling of corruption. In other words, you get used to feeling corrupt; it becomes the new you.

Don’t live by this policy. You can win just as much or even more by leading an honest life. People will learn to put their trust in your hands and newer and bigger doors will open up for you. One of the best feelings in the world is waking up in the morning to new opportunities that were opened up to you on the previous day; you feel ecstatic and on top of the world.

Honesty should be your new policy from now on!

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National Alliance On Mental Health

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Coming Together To Advance Mental Health Support

Organizations are great and we need as many of them as possible to be supportive of mental health patients and their families. But we are missing something significant at the core of all mental health support: a national alliance on mental health. While our country remains divided over race, politics and world affairs, many people continue to suffer from mental health issues behind the scenes.

What we are missing in the world is a mental health movement that is truly reaching all corners of the globe and spreading support for mental illness. We are missing a movement that is advocating for the coming out of people with mental illness. What we currently have is the following, “Are you suffering from a mental illness? Then you should go see someone for it.”

Promoting psychological and psychiatric support is great and all people should be encouraged to seek care when feeling different from their baseline. But even with this encouragement in place, people are still hesitant to talk about their mental health issues. What does this tell you?

That there is still a stigma similar to how racism still exists in 2020. Why are people so shocked to hear about someone who is suffering from a mental disorder? Why is it so shocking that the human brain can malfunction just as any other organ can? It’s shocking because the human brain affects one’s personality, while other organs not so much.

Personality and human interactions is what most people base their opinions on. So if someone is depressed, anxious, on edge or psychotic, people assume that there is something wrong with that person and he or she must be “weird” or “different.” But these assumptions is what prevents us from moving forward with mental health recognition and support.

Who is ready to start a national alliance on mental health? Actually, who is ready to start an international alliance on mental health? A worldwide community that supports the advancement of mental health support and is not ashamed to discuss our problems, experiences and struggles with mental illness.

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Modern-Day Communication

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Overanalyzing Conversations

The good old days which relied on in-person communication or even telephones were probably less stressful than modern-day communication. While there are many advantages to modern-day communication, there are also many pitfalls, leading us to overanalyze conversations and coming up with unnecessary and even false conclusions.

Modern-day communication involves texting, emailing, talking on the phone or on social media and even dating apps. While technology has made it tremendously easier to communicate with each other, the downfall to that is the stress that comes with this easiness.

When too much access is available for communication, we tend to overanalyze people’s intentions and motives. If someone doesn’t answer a text message, a million thoughts start racing through our minds, “OMG, maybe I shouldn’t have said that!”, “Maybe I messed things up again!”, “Why is he ignoring me?”

Many times, the other person is not ignoring you but either simply forgot to answer or just had nothing good to say back. This is the problem with texting: it leads us to form new opinions and perceptions on others based on how the conversations in the texts are going. This usually doesn’t happen to this extreme with in-person communication or even other means of communicating.

How about dating apps! A conversation may be going smoothly and all of a sudden, the other person stops responding to your innocent message. We again start to overanalyze if we should have said what we said, making us feel insecure, lousy and even sad. And all we did was message them, “Are you free this weekend?”

And should we even mention social media? The problem with this outlet of communication, besides that the companies are stealing our data and creating psychological profiles based on how we navigate the internet, is that there’s a lot of superficiality. We make friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram who we do not even talk to in real life.

How can this possibly be healthy? Sure, it helps when you are lonely, but it seems like it’s just a bandaid and not a true fix. The best way to utilize modern-day communication is to reap its benefits without taking it seriously; don’t sit around analyzing why this and that happened.

Enjoy the benefits of modern-day communication without becoming emotionally and mentally invested.

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Don't Be Afraid Of Termination

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Life Goes On

Life is full of scenarios that ultimately lead to termination. This is the process of life. Without termination, we’d be stuck in never-ending loops of repetitive tasks, relationships and outcomes. Termination is healthy and needed in order for you to progress smoothly throughout life. Don’t be afraid of termination as life goes on.

Termination can occur with your job, friends, therapists or significant others. The cause behind a termination is important to analyze, because it allows you to understand what was done incorrectly or correctly. Termination seems to have an unhappy connotation, but it doesn’t mean that a situation always ends negatively.

Termination can be due to negativity, arguments or disagreements. When this occurs, you have to step back and think to yourself, “Was there something that I could have done better?” Sometimes toxic people need to be removed from your life, resulting in termination; trust the process.

Termination can also be due to a natural conclusion of events. For instance, you are in psychotherapy in order to improve your life and learn more about yourself. All of a sudden, after months or even years of therapy, you find yourself feeling content with your progress and would like to terminate your therapy. In this case, termination is healthy.

Maybe you are not happy at your job, which is affecting your mental health by burning you out and making you feel depressed and not satisfied. So you terminate your position and accept a new job somewhere else. In this case, termination saved your mental health and hopefully placed you in a better position in life .

Trust the process of termination and don’t be afraid of it; it happens all the time to everyone around the world. The saying “life goes on” has a lot of truth behind it, and your life is not an exception. Anything that starts from scratch must eventually come to an end; it’s just a matter of time when it does.

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The Honest Truth About The People Who Drive You Completely Insane — Thought Catalog

In life, we come across many people who embody everything we do not want to be. Given that most people are generally predisposed to be kind and considerate, the time at which we cross paths with the people who drive us insane is often tainted by a circumstance that brings out the worst in them.…

The Honest Truth About The People Who Drive You Completely Insane — Thought Catalog

Life Is Like A Movie

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Turning Your Life Into A Blockbuster Hit

The difference between a good and a bad movie is not based on one or two factors; its complexity relies on many pieces that come together to display something beautiful or something awfully boring. The same applies with your life: you can either work at improving it every day or slack and allow it to turn into something miserable. Life is like a movie and it depends on you to turn it into a blockbuster hit.

It starts with a positive mindset; this cannot be emphasized enough. Every day, you are presented with different challenges that have an impact on your mental health. One random small change can be enough to drive you off your course and instill negative emotions. As previously said, negativity is part of life and must be experienced, but you must also know how to quickly extinguish it.

It’s not difficult to adopt a positive mindset, but it’s very difficult for many to consistently maintain one in the long run. The more that you practice positivity in the presence of adversity, the better you will become at it. You cannot go through life hoping to automatically be positive without practicing it; there’s just too many triggers that prevent you from doing so.

If you can maintain positivity during the toughest of times, your movie will start shaping into a blockbuster hit; something that everyone wants to learn more about! You are the director, producer, screenwriter and actor of your move. All the other folks in your life just make up the background and noise.

If you can master your life, you will master the movie. In addition to a positive mindset, you must have direction and know what you’d like to accomplish. Without direction, your movie will flop and people will no longer waste their time with you. But having direction is not enough.

You must work to strive in the right direction at all times. If you do not put in the time and effort required to accomplish your goals, your direction ultimately becomes the wrong one. A great movie requires time, patience, direction, fun and entertaining scenes and vibrant characters.

You must remain vibrant, fun, enthusiastic and positive throughout your life. Turning your life into a blockbuster hit is not that difficult, but definitely a challenge. But it’s through challenges that you will obtain the motivation, desire, strength and stamina to end up on top. And what lies at the top?

An awesome film to kick back to with your popcorn and ice-cold Pepsi.

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People Who Don't Try Don't Fail

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Not Moving Forward In Life

There are so many talented adolescents who have so much potential in life, but never reach their full potential because of many factors at play. These adolescents either get involved with drugs, partying or simply adopt bad habits from the start, without their parents correcting them. People who don’t try don’t fail.

What is meant by that? It means that when you don’t apply yourself, you cannot fail because you’re stagnant; you’re not putting yourself in a position to fail at something. As any successful person knows, failing is necessary to become successful; it cannot be done without it.

Many adolescents who are smart and would otherwise do well beyond high school, do not apply themselves academically. Once they reach college, which the majority do because it’s not that hard to, they either drop out or pick a major that will not serve them well in the future. They end up unhappily going in the workforce and barely making ends meet, or they continue to get involved with alcohol and drugs.

There’s also a tendency for teens of the present generation to spend more time at home, rather than moving out and becoming independent. It’s no longer uncommon to hear about 30-year-olds still living at home. It’s actually a very sad situation, even if it’s not for them and their families.

It’s sad because you are not evolving as a person if you have never left the nest. Psychologically, you become comfortable in the place that raised you, rather than spreading your wings to explore the world independently. Of course there are exceptions, such as the son or daughter still being at home to take care of a sick parent, but many are at home because they did not try in life.

Not moving forward in life is a very painful process to experience and to observe. Do you know anyone who is struggling with this scenario?

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Learning More About Children

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Imaginative Play

Assessing children for psychiatric symptoms can be much different than assessing adolescents or adults. Children tend to be less patient, full of energy and interested in moving around and playing. Adolescents prefer no parents present and enjoy privacy and brief sessions. Adults are on the opposite end, ready to spill everything onto the table. Learning more about children requires a few different approaches.

For instance, children enjoy imaginative play with dolls, puppets and toys. Imaginative play is when children are role playing and acting out various experiences they may have had or that is of current interest to them. During role playing, they are experimenting with decision-making on how to behave, while at the same time, practicing their social skills.

It’s crucial to develop rapport with children, more so than with adults. Adults can compensate for less rapport, but no rapport with a child is like talking to a wall; no response or meaningful information will be obtained. The rapport with children must also be built off side-conversations that are not related to their symptoms and experiences, while with adults, you can jump straight to the symptoms most of the time.

When you have developed rapport with a child via side-conversations and imaginative play, it becomes easier to assess their psychiatric symptoms; the child has become comfortable with your presence. During role playing, you may gain essential information by talking through the puppet or toy; this is a nice technique that often works well.

Children love to get lost in imaginative play; it’s like an escape from school, parents and other children. A child can start talking to a toy as if a switch were suddenly pressed: one second he’s talking to you and the other second his voice has changed and he’s talking to the toy. But you must be comfortable role playing with a child, or else he or she will lose interest in playing with you.

Also keep in mind that depressed children oftentimes do not manifest the same symptoms as depressed adults. They will often experience irritability and somatic symptoms such as headaches or abdominal pain. It’s important to always assess their home life as well, to make sure that their parents are giving them medication and that they are safe.

It takes patience, good rapport and imagination to learn more about children, but with time, it can turn into a fun and pleasant experience, especially when they are improving from their psychiatric symptoms.

What are your experiences with children suffering from psychiatric symptoms?

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Sex On The First Date

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Unexpected Nights

The first date is always the most unpredictable. A few hours before the event, your mind starts bombarding you with many questions such as, “Am I even attracted to her?”, “Is he even my type?”, “Will this be painfully awkward?” You may even have a drink or two prior to the date just to relax yourself. But one of the most unexpected twists and turns is when you end up having sex on the first date.

These unexpected nights can happen and you should always be prepared for them. This is because you never know how well the first date may turn out. A woman should never be deemed slutty or highly sexual just because she puts out during the first date. It could also mean that she’s just really into you and comfortable with the idea of doing it on the first date.

Every situation is different, but sex on the first date tends to happen after a strong rapport has been established, preferably over dinner and drinks. Showing your date that you put in some meaningful thought behind the venue and that you’re not uncomfortable spending over $70 dollars, will most likely impress her.

But the venue and the amount that you spend are not enough. The most important factor is the rapport. If you can establish a comfortable frame while she is listening to you with glowing dilated pupils, smiles and fluid conversations, then you can rest assured that you have captured her interest.

Towards the end of your date, you pitch your offer, “What do you want to do? You’re free to come over my place or I can take you home.” You do this in a nonchalant fashion, demonstrating to her that you’ve had a good time and that whatever decision she makes is fine with you. If she smiles and says, “I’m down to hang out with you more,” then the party continues.

When you arrive at your place or her’s, anything can go down, including sex on the first date. It comes down to avoiding awkwardness, demonstrating confidence and leadership and having fun! But just because a girl wants to have sex on the first date does not mean that you should take advantage, by disrespecting her afterwards or looking down on her.

Always be respectful to everyone, regardless of the dynamics of the situation. At the end of the day, just have fun and be yourself.

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